About PMS


Please My Spouse is an intimacy boutique that provides a dedicated shopping experience for intimate products and an educational platform for individuals who want to become masters of intimacy. Our boutique caters to married couples who are looking for a shameless environment to buy lovemaking products and tools that do not compromise your spiritual beliefs. All of the products that we sell in our store are Love Signals that will inspire you to enhance your intimacy. Our Love Signals include:

* Lingerie and panties that will lure your spouse into the bedroom instantly.
* Bath and Body products that will send an instant scented love signal to your spouse.
* Lovemaking tools that will make your intimate moments safe and stimulating at the same time.


Are you ready for a night of passionate lovemaking but don’t know where to start? Our personal shoppers will help you to build a custom solution just for your special night. From selecting the right size of lingerie to selecting your favorite edible products, our personal shoppers will ensure that the options you select will transform you into an elite pleaser! Get started by sending us a direct message through Facebook or Instagram. We can assist you with planning special nights such as:

* Wedding Night and Honeymoon
* Anniversary
* Valentine's Day
* Couple's getaway 

Free Product Tutorials

Are you curious about where to put it, how much to use and will it work for my intimacy? We've got you covered. We select products that we know will stimulate all of your senses. Through our product tutorials, we will show you how to:

* Put on your sexy lingerie
* Apply your intimate body products properly
* Set up your tools for an intimate night

We take the shyness out of intimacy. Enjoy all aspects of your intimacy. Learn to become an elite pleaser for your spouse or future spouse.