How do I know my credit card is safe on your website?

All of our store financial transactions are processed through PayPal. Therefore, your financial information is never seen by anyone but you. PayPal is one of the most secure and most trusted payment gateways in the world. Your credit card information will not be shared or recorded and is never available to any member of our business.

How do you protect my personal information?

We value our customer’s privacy. We secure our website with a SSL Certificate that protects our customers’ sensitive information such as their name, address, password, or credit card number. Any information that is entered on any secured page is private and can’t be viewed by cyber crooks. Our SSL certificate protects by encrypting the data during transmission from their computer to your web server.

Why do you need my email, billing and shipping addresses?

Email address:  Your email address is only used for the purpose of emailing you a PMS order confirmation. We do not share your email address with any third parties that will send you unwanted or spam mail. Your email address is used to contact you online solely for use between you and www.pleasemyspouse.com, to respond to any inquiries regarding orders or products, and to comply with any requirements of the law, i.e. verification for suspected fraudulent activities.

Shipping address:  Your shipping address is collected for shipping your products from our warehouse to your home. Your shipping address will only be accessible to our shipping department, administrative office and the selected carrier only.

Billing address:  When using PayPal, you will need to provide the billing address associated with the credit card you are using. Your credit card information is never seen by anyone at www.pleasemyspouse.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to pms@charlieandrissy.com

Is Please My Spouse appropriate and safe for children?

The videos, content, images and products posted and sold through our website are intended for adults (married couples and individuals looking to say “I do!” over the age of 18 or 21 years old in some states.) We do not sell products for purchase by children. When you register with www.pleasemyspouse.com, purchase products from www.pleasemyspouse.com or providing information to www.pleasemyspouse.com including newsletter signups, surveys, polls, etc., you assure and agree to www.pleasemyspouse.com that you are over the legal age in your state, and any information given to www.pleasemyspouse.com about a third party is from a third party over the age of 18 (or 21).

What will show up on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show CANDRLLC, CHARLIEANDRISSYLLC, or PAYPAL, depending on your bank or credit card company for your purchase.


Can I place an order over the phone?

For the security of our customers’ payment information, we are accepting online payments through our secure shopping cart at this time.

Why do you need my telephone number?

Your telephone number is only used if there is a problem with your PMS order and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. We will not share your telephone number with any third parties who want to contact you for unwanted sales and telemarketing calls.

Do you sell returned, used or defective products?

www.pleasemyspouse.com ensures that all of our products are BRAND NEW. Each product will be packaged in a box or bag for sanitary reasons.

I have a question about my order!

If you have any questions about your order, please send us a detailed email. If you send us an email about your order, please include your order number or account information so we can assist you effectively and immediately.

How do I cancel or change my order?

Once your order has been submitted, it immediately gets submitted to our product fulfillment dept. Therefore, your order cannot be canceled or changed.

Do you provide refunds?

Due to the intimate nature of our products, we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. However, if your product is defective or damaged, we will be more than happy to replace it for you at no additional cost to you. Also, if we sent you the wrong product, please email us so we can get you the right product. ALL discrepancies with your order must be submitted within 3 business days of your delivery confirmation.

Please include your:

Full name

Email address

Order number

Details of your defective/damaged/incorrect product.

Please include pictures of the defective/ damaged/ incorrect product. We will assess the damage/ defectiveness. After reviewing your request, if it’s determined that your product is defective/damaged, we will ship out a replacement of the same product purchased at no additional cost to you if the product is in stock. If the product is currently not in stock, you can select another item of the same value or provide a full refund just for that one item.


Will anyone know what is in my package?

No. Neither the shipping company nor your neighbors will have any idea of what your shipment contains. The plain boxes or shipping bags that your purchases are shipped in only state the “Shipping Dept.” and our Return address.

Can I ship my order to an international address?

We currently ship to US addresses only.

Why does my state have no shipping options?

At this time, we currently don’t ship to the state of Colorado. If you want to be notified when this option changes, please email us at pms@charlieandrissy.com.

What delivery options do you offer?

We currently ship using FedEx. Delivery times are usually within 5 to 7 business days once you receive the tracking number, but may take up to 10 days in rural locations and APO boxes.

How do I get a tracking number for my package?

We will email you your tracking information once your order is processed within 1 to 3 days. If you do not receive a tracking by the 4th business day, please email your us with your order number, and we will send you your tracking information immediately.

Can I ship to another address besides my billing address?

Yes. You can surprise someone else with a PMS gift by entering in any shipping address you would like to use. However, your billing address must match your credit card or debit card address.

What should I do if my shipment was damaged?

If your products are damaged during shipment or have evidence of damage to the exterior shipping box, please file a claim with FedEX immediately. FedEX is required to provide you with the procedure for filing a claim. Once your claim has been filed, please email us your claim information.

General Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions or need help with your products?

You can get access to us immediately through Facebook Messenger chat, via  Instagram Direct Messages or send us an email at pms@charlieandrissy.com listing any questions or concerns you may have. We will help you to select the best products for your next intimate night. We are very prompt in responding to your inquiry as soon as we get your response during business hours 9am to 9pm EST.

Where is Please My Spouse located?

Please My Spouse is an online intimacy boutique based in Metro Atlanta Area.

Our mailing address (no local pickup) is:

1635 Old 41 Hwy NW

Ste 112-175

Kennesaw, GA 30152

How do you select your products for www.pleasemyspouse.com?

Charlie and Rissy select products that cater to married couple’s needs. Each product is personally selected to meet the needs of married couples who want to spice up their bedroom.

Do you mail out catalogs?

Our inventory is consistently changing. Therefore, all of our products are only available online. We only provide products that are in stock. Sometimes, multiple orders may get crossed in the process. If this does happen, we will contact you immediately for a substitution. 

I want pleasemyspouse.com to carry my product line. What is your process?

We are open to featuring new intimacy based products on our online store. Please send us an email to pms@charlieandrissy.com with your business name, address, phone number, website address and any additional information about your company and your products you currently create along with your wholesale process.