Meet the Owner- Rissy Ervin

Rissy Ervin   -  Owner

“The wife gives authority over her body to her husband, and the husband gives authority over his body to his wife.” 1 Corinthians 7:4″

As a wife of over 14 years, a mother of 3 and an entrepreneur, balancing my intimacy was challenging. However, I discovered that the more I catered to my husband’s desires and needs, the more I felt fulfilled as his lover and the more I discovered myself! Therefore, I wanted to create a shopping destination that ALL of my elite pleasers can feel empowered to transform into sexy, confident and role-playing lovers as well. I want every elite pleaser to become a master of intimacy. So, join me on this journey of self sexual discovery so you can reach your torrid level of intimacy. 

Over the past 14 years, my husband and I always took advantage of our alone time to reconnect intimately. During our 3rd anniversary, we wanted to take our lovemaking to the next level. We were kid free and work free, all of the perfect ingredients to plan an intimate night. To start the night, we took this grown up time to go hunting for potential products that would spice up our bedroom for that night. However, every store we visited, we felt lost in each store filled with intimate products. We also felt a little nervous and a dash of guilt while shopping in the store. The products seemed great but right across the aisle, there were rows filled with porn and the best self pleasing tools you could find. Therefore, we decided to take our shopping online. We started to research what were the best tools for married couples to use in the bedroom. As a result, we found a few websites that listed products for married couples. However, they lacked education on how to use the products so we still were left lost.

This hunt inspired us to create our YouTube channel, Charlie & Rissy, that shared great tips, tools and products to use inside and outside the bedroom. We also provided demonstrations on how certain products worked in our bedroom. With over 2 million views on our YouTube channel, we were empowered to continue to share new products and advice to our yearning subscribers.

With 6 years of directly advising and helping couples, I decided to create an intimacy boutique for all of our viewers to shop for intimate products shamelessly, guilt free and privately in the comfort of their pleasure nest. Keeping my past experiences in mind, in addition to selling products, I wanted to continue educating our married couples on intimate topics like oral sex and erogenous zones. From building your skills for lovemaking to experimenting with new techniques, you will experience the full solution that will take your  intimacy to the next level.